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DE/FF-1040 Garcia Class Frigates


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See FF-1052 Knox for example


Garcia Class Frigates


Commissioned Decomm
FF-1040 Garcia 12-12-1964 1988
FF-1041 Bradley 05-15-1965 1988
FF-1042 (foreign customer) - -
FF-1043 Edward McDonnell 02-15-1965 1988
FF-1044 Brumby 08-05-1965 1989
FF-1045 Davidson 12-01-1965 1988
FF-1046 (foreign customer) - -
FF-1047 Voge 11-25-1966 1989
FF-1048 Sample 03-23-1968 1988
FF-1049 Koelsch 06-10-1967 1989
FF-1050 Albert David 10-01-1968 1988
FF-1051 O'Callahan 07-13-1968 1988


US Navy  Post-WWII Classes of Frigates
(previously designated Destroyer Escorts)
Hulls included
in the class
Total #
Bronstein FF-1037 to FF-1038 1963
Garcia FF-1040 to FF-1051 1964
Knox FF-1052 to FF-1097 1969
Glover AGDE-1/FF-1098 1965
Brooke FFG-1 to FFG-6 1963
Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7  to FFG-61 1977
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Developed from the earlier Bronstein Class, the ten ships of the Garcia Class were intended solely for ASW operations. The ships exceeded some of the world's destroyers in size and ASW capability, but were designated as frigates because of their single propeller shaft and limited speed. Originally classified as destroyer escorts (DE), they were reclassified as frigates on June 30th 1975.

All but two of these ships were later fitted to operate LAMPS helicopters. Most of the ships were built with two Mk-25 torpedo tubes built into their transom for launching wire-guided ASW torpedoes, but the torpedoes were removed from the earlier ships and the tubes deleted in the later ships.


Garcia Class specifications, as built


414 ft  6 in
Beam   44 ft  0 in
Draft   24 ft  0 in
Displacement 3,400 tons fully loaded
Power Plant Two boilers,  one geared turbine
Screws; SHP One screw;  35,000 SHP total
Speed 27  knots
Range 4,000 nautical miles at 20 knots
Complement 13 officers and 234 enlisted men
Armament Two 5"/38 Mk-30 guns;
One ASROC Mk-16 (16 missiles);
Four 324mm Mk-32 single torpedo tubes
Radars AN/SPS-10 (surface), AN/SPS-40 (air)
Sonars AN/SQS-26AX (FF-1040 to FF-1045)
AN/SQS-26BX (FF-1046 to FF-1051)

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