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DDG-2 Charles F. Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyers


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Model comes on wood base with solid brass pedestals
See DDG-51 Arleigh Burke for example

Charles Adams Class DDG (US Navy) specifications

Length 437 ft 0 in
Beam 45 ft 0 in
Draft 16 - 20 ft
Displacement 4640 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 boilers 2 General Electric turbines
Screws + SHP 2 screws,  70,000 SHP
Speed 35 knots
Range  nautical miles at 20 knots
Complement 43 Officers, 298 Enlisted ?
Armament Two 5"/54 caliber MK-42 guns
1 ASROC antisubmarine missile launcher
Two 12.75" triple ASW torpedo tubes
One Mk-11 Tartar guided missile system

Ships of the Charles F. Adams Class


DD-952/DDG-2 Charles F. Adams 1960 1990
DD-953/DDG-3 John King 1962 1990
DD-954/DDG-4 Lawrence 1962 1989
DD-955/DDG-5 Claude V Ricketts 1962 1990
DD-956/DDG-6 Barney 1962 1990
DD-957/DDG-7 Henry B Wilson 1960 1989
DD-958/DDG-8 Lynde McCormick 1961 1991
DD-959/DDG-9 Towers 1961 1990
DDG-10 Sampson 1961 1991
DDG-11 Sellers 1961 1989
DDG-12 Robison 1961 1991
DDG-13 Hoel 1962 1990
DDG-14 Buchanan 1962 1991
DDG-15 Berkeley 1962 1992
DDG-16 Joseph Strauss 1963 1990
DDG-17 Conyngham 1963 1990
DDG-18 Semmes 1962 1991
DDG-19 Tattnall 1963 1991
DDG-20 Goldsborough 1963 1993
DDG-21 Cochrane 1964 1990
DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert 1964 1991
DDG-23 Richard E Byrd 1964 1990
DDG-24 Waddel 1964 1992
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The Charles F. Adams class of missile destroyers - constructed in the late 1950s and early 1960s - grew out of the highly successful Forrest Sherman design, with a larger hull and one 5" gun replaced by a Tartar surface-to-air missile launcher.

Starting with DDG-2 USS Charles F. Adams (lead ship of the class) there were 23 ships built for the US Navy. DDG-2 to DDG-9 were originally ordered as DD-952 to DD-959. DDG-5 was originally commissioned as USS Biddle.

The Charles Adams Class was a particularly versatile ship and the first destroyers planned and built as guided missile ships. Designed to meet the new challenges of the Cold War, the ships were the most heavily armed ships at the time of their construction. Designed primarily to provide anti-air defense for carriers, the ships were fitted with long range surveillance radars capable of detecting aircraft at ranges of 200 miles. The major anti-aircraft weapon was the standard surface-to-air missile with a range of 25 miles. Two 5-inch rapid-fire guns were used for air defense, surface action and shore bombardment, delivering 70 rounds/minute onto targets up to 12 miles away. Anti-submarine capability was provided by a powerful sonar underneath the bow. For close-range attack, torpedoes were launched from tubes on each side of the ship.

Despite periodic modernizations, the decision was made to accelerate the retirement of these ships (with the complete class having been retired by 1993) since further modernization to install the needed New Threat Upgrade (NTU) would not have been cost effective given the service life remaining. The class was replaced by the highly capable, multi-mission, AEGIS equipped, Arleigh Burke Class.
Charles F. Adams Class destroyers
of Other Countries

Australia ordered 3 hulls (DDG-25 to DDG-27) which were renamed D-38 HMAS Perth, D-39 HMAS Hobart and D-41 HMAS Brisbane. After decommissioning, two of them were sunk for artificial reefs and the third is awaiting the same fate.

Germany ordered 3 hulls  (DDG-28 to DDG-30) which were renamed D-185 FGS Lütjens,  D-186 FGS Mölders and D-187 FGS Rommel, respectively.

Greece received five of the decommissioned US Navy  ships (some are still active). Those ships are:
D-218 HS Kimon (formerly DDG-18 Semmes),
D-219 HS Nearchos (formerly DDG-24 Waddell),
D-220 HS Formion (formerly DDG-16 Strauss) and
D-221 HS Themistokle (formerly DDG-15 Berkley).

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