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Virginia Class Guided Missile Cruisers: DLGN/CGN-38 to 41
Model featured: CGN-41 USS Arkansas
- circa 1986 -


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Virginia Class Guided Missile Cruisers


Commissioned Decomm
DLGN/CGN-38 Virginia Sept 11, 1976 1994
DLGN/CGN-39 Texas Sept 10, 1977 1993
DLGN/CGN-40 Mississippi Aug 05, 1978 1997
CGN-41 Arkansas Oct 18, 1980 1997
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Virginia Class guided missile cruisers (originally classified as DLGN) were equipped to fulfill multiple tasks in all warfare areas. They were equipped with:
1) 2 twin missile launchers for AAW, ASROC  capable;
2) two 5" guns for AAW and ASUW;
3) two triple torpedo launchers for ASW; and
4) one LAMPS helicopter for ASW.

Two pressurized nuclear reactors were capable of propelling the ship in excess of 30 knots, providing the endurance and capability to operate with other conventional and nuclear ships over extended periods of time and great distances.

During the 1980s the ships were outfitted with the Tomahawk Cruise Missile System, the Standard SM2(MR) Missile System, and the AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar.

Planned Refueling Complex Overhauls were canceled in the early 1990s due to the expense of maintaining the nuclear propulsion components, and the ships were all decommissioned after a relatively brief period of service averaging somewhat less than two decades. Thus CGN-41 USS Arkansas, which was the last ship in the class and was commissioned in 1980 with a life expectancy of 38 years, was retired in 1997 after only half that period in service.

Virginia Class specifications


586 feet
Beam 63 feet
Draft 32 feet maximum to navigate
Displacement 10,633 tons, 11,666 fully loaded
Power Plant Two nuclear reactors
Screws + SHP 2 screws, 60,000 SHP total
Speed 30+ knots
Range  nautical miles at 15 knots
Complement 39 Officers and 539 Enlisted men
Aircraft None - no helicopter facilities
Armament Two twin launchers for Standard missiles
8 Tomahawks (2 armored box launchers)
8 Harpoon (2 quad launchers)
6 Mk-46 torpedoes (2 triple tubes)
Two 5-inch lightweight guns
Two 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Radars SPS-40 Air Search Radar
SPS-48 3D Air Search Radar
SPS-67 Surface Search Radar

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