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Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruisers
Model featured: KMS Admiral Hipper
- circa 1941  -


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Mahogany wood base, real brass pedestals and descriptive plate enhance this elegant historical model

Model shown is 24" size yet has very fine detailing.

Model is built with real strip planking on decks.

Admiral Hipper, Blücher or Prinz Eugen - custom

Scale 1:350 / 24"
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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The five ships of the Admiral Hipper Class of heavy cruisers were laid down from 1935 to 1936. At the time German ships were not restricted by weight. Therefore the Admiral Hipper Class ships were comparable with heavy Japanese cruisers and actually displaced more than the Deutschland Class pocket battleships.

The Admiral Hipper Class cruisers carried eight main guns but did not have very strong armor protection. Contemporary British heavy cruisers mounted guns of comparable calibers, displaced less and yet had better armor protection. The Admiral Hipper Class disadvantages could partly be traced to the Kriegsmarine's lack of experience after World War I, and partly to the designers' intentions of constructing the class so that it resembled the Bismarck Class battleships. This scheme paid off during Operation Rheinübung when HMS Hood mistook KMS Prinz Eugen for KMS Bismarck.

KMS Admiral Hipper had a commendable war career despite continual engine problems. In the Norwegian campaign Admiral Hipper was rammed and damaged by the destroyer HMS Glowworm, which emerged from a smoke screen at close range but was ultimately sunk by Admiral Hipper.

Out of commission for a while, Admiral Hipper returned to sink twelve merchant ships in 1941. At the end of 1942, Admiral Hipper participated in the futile operation against the Russia bound convoy JW51B. Admiral Hipper subsequently served as a training ship in the Baltic Sea where she helped protect and evacuate the retreating German troops and refugees holed up in East Prussia in what became the largest maritime evacuation in history.

In 1945, Admiral Hipper sustained heavy bomb damage from RAF bombers and was scuttled in Kiel.

Admiral Hipper Class specifications


690 ft   3 in
Beam   71 ft 10 in
Displacement 14,475 tons; 18,400 fully loaded
Power Plant 12 boilers, Brown Boveri geared turbines
Screws / SHP 3 screws; 132,000 SHP
Speed 33.4 knots
Range 6,750 nm at 17 kts
Armament 4 twin 8", 6 twin 4.1", 6 twin 37mm, 8 single 20mm, 4 triple torpedo launchers
Aircraft 3 Arado Ar-196A-3 float planes
Crew 1,450


Admiral Hipper Class heavy cruisers
Ship Commissioned Fate
Admiral Hipper Aug 1939 Scuttled Mar1945
Blücher Sep 1939 Sunk    April 1940
Lützow uncompleted -
Prinz Eugen Aug 1940 Survived
Seydlitz uncompleted -


Detailed custom wood models of German Heavy Cruisers custom built and hand crafted from Philippine mahogany wood.
Admiral Hipper Class: KMS Admiral Hipper, KMS Blücher, KMS Lutzow (uncompleted), KMS Prinz Eugen, and KMS Seydlitz (uncompleted).
These fully assembled desk-top display models are museum quality replicas of the authentic fighting ships which are world prized as collectables or gifts.
Every ship model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.

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