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T-ARS-50 Safeguard Class Rescue/Salvage Ship
Model featured:  ARS-51 USS Grasp
- circa 1985 -


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The Safeguard Class of Rescue/Salvage ships encompasses four vessels which have the following mission:
* de-beaching of stranded vessels
*heavy lifting from ocean depths
* towing of other vessels
* manned diving operations

ARS-50 USS Safeguard is the lead ship of the Rescue/Salvage class of vessels owned by the US Navy and is the only forward deployed ship (stationed at Sasebo, Japan).

The ship was placed in service with the Military Sealift Command (MSC) as T-ARS-51 USNS Safeguard January 19th, 2006.

ARS-51 USS Grasp is the second ship in the class and operates in the Atlantic. Transferred to the Military Sealift Command on January 19, 2006, T-ARS-51 USNS Grasp subsequently underwent a shipyard period for conversion for operation by civilian mariners.

ARS-52 USS Salvor, stationed at Hawaii, was transferred to MSC January 12, 2007 as T-ARS-52 USNS Salvor and is now manned by a civilian crew and a USN detachment.

ARS-53 USS Grapple, last ship of the class also operates in the Atlantic having been transferred July 13, 2006 to MSC as T-ARS-53 USNS Grapple and is now operated by a civilian crew.

For rescue missions, Safeguard Class ships are equipped with three fire monitors forward and amidships that can deliver either aqueous film-forming foam or saltwater.

The salvage holds of the ship are outfitted with portable equipment to effect assistance to vessels in de-watering, patching, the supply of electrical power, and many other essential services required to return a disabled ship to operating condition. Additionally, the ships carry the finest diver life support air system in the fleet.

The rugged construction of the steel-hulled vessels, combined with their speed and endurance, make the Safeguard Class well suited for the rescue and salvage operations of Naval and commercial shipping throughout the world.

The versatility of this class of ship adds immeasurably to the capabilities of the US Navy with the regards to rendering assistance to those in peril on the high seas.

Safeguard Class specifications


255 feet
Beam   50 feet
Displacement approx. 3,200 tons
Power Plant Four Caterpillar 399 diesel engines
Screws + SHP 2 screws
Speed 15 knots
Complement 26 MSC and 4 US Navy
Workboats Two 35-ft aluminum boats,
two 14-ft inflatable boats
Armament Two .50 caliber machine guns,
two Mk-38 25mm guns

Safeguard Class Rescue/Salvage Ships

Hull # / Name Commissioned


T-ARS-50 Safeguard Aug 17, 1985 Sasebo, Japan
T-ARS-51 Grasp Dec 14, 1985 Atlantic
T-ARS-52 Salvor Jun 14, 1986 Hawaii
T-ARS-53 Grapple Nov 15, 1986 Atlantic

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