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Wasp Class (LHD)
Model featured: LHD-1, USS Wasp
- circa 2005 -


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Any Wasp Class Assault Ship - custom model
Replicated with fixed closed stern gate.
* includes 46 accessory flight deck pieces *

Scale 1:350 / 29"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:280 / 36"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:240 / 42"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

Any Wasp Class Assault Ship-  custom model
Replicated with open stern gate.
* LCAC and 46 accessory pieces included *

Scale 1:350 / 29"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:280 / 36"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

Scale 1:240 / 42"
Price: $2799

1/3 deposit $933

We'll contact you after you order.

Amphibious Assault Ships are designed to maintain what the Marine Corps calls "tactical integrity"  - getting a balanced force to the same place at the same time.

The Wasp Class (LHD) are the largest Amphibious Assault Ships in the world, being an improved follow-on of the Tarawa Class with enhanced well deck enabling it to carry three LCACs. The improved flight deck allow it to carry two more helicopters than its predecessor. The class is the first to be specifically designed to accommodate the AV-8B Harrier jump jet and the LCAC hovercraft along with a full range of Navy & Marine helicopters, conventional landing craft, and amphibious assault vehicles to support a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of 2,000 Marines.

Wasp Class Ships

Hull number / ship name Comm. Status
LHD-1 Wasp July 1989 Norfolk, VA
LHD-2 Essex Oct 1992 Sasebo, Japan
LHD-3 Kearsarge Oct 1993 Norfolk, VA
LHD-4 Boxer Feb 1995 San Diego, CA
LHD-5 Bataan Sep 1997 Norfolk, VA
LHD-6 Bonhomme Richard Aug 1998 San Diego, CA
LHD-7 Iowa Jima June 2001 Norfolk, VA
LHD-8 Makin Island 2009 constructing


Wasp Class specifications


844 ft
Beam 106 ft; Flight Deck 140 ft wide
Displacement 40,500 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 2 boilers, 2 geared turbines, 70,000 shp
Screws/Speed 2 screws, 2 rudders, 23 knots
Complement 73 officers,  1009 enlisted, 1894 Marines
Armament 2 Mk-29 Sea Sparrow launchers,
3 CIWS, eight .50 cal. M/Gs, 2 RAM
Aircraft 6 AV-8B, 4 AH-1W, 12 CH-46,
9 CH-53 or MH-53, 4 UH-1N
or Assault mission: 42 CH-46
or Sea Control Mission: 20 AV-8B and 6 ASW helicopters
Well Deck 3 LCAC or 2 LCU or 6 LCM-8 or
40 AAV (normal) or 61 AAV (stowed)

LCAC and 46 accessory pieces.
46 accessory pieces (no LCAC).

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