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LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) Mark-6
Model featured: LCT Mark-6
- circa June 6th, 1944 (D-Day) -


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LCT Mark-6, custom model

Scale 1:96 / 15"
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LCT Mark-6 with custom load (not shown)
Limited to what the craft can actually carry.

Scale 1:96 / 15"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:80 / 18"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:60 / 24"
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Originally rated as Landing Craft, Tank (LCT), Mark-6s were redesignated in 1949 as Landing Ships, Utility (LSU) to reflect their varied usage. The designation changed again in 1952 to Landing Craft, Utility  (LCU) on account of their small size when compared to the Mark-7 LCTs (that craft later also being redesignated to Landing Ship, Medium (LSM) to clarify its much greater size). From the late 1950s through the 1960s, some LCUs where redesignated as "YFU class 1". In this website we classify them as LCT Mark 6.

There were 965 Mark 6 LCTs built during WWII - many of them destined for service in the Pacific Theater.


Laid down in July 1944 and completed only 12 days later, LCT-1210 was carried aboard LST-938, which departed New York in October 1944 and rendezvoused with a convoy near Guantanamo en route the South Pacific to join the 7th Fleet.

Unloading operations began mid December at Seeadler Harbor in the Admiralty Islands. Then having taken on supplies for a PT base, the LST and accompanying LCT  joined a convoy bound for the partially liberated Philippines in January 1945, where they operated for next 4 months. On March 10th elements of the 41st Army Division were put ashore at Zamboanga on the southwest tip of Mindanao.

LCT Mark-6 specifications

Length: 119 ft Beam: 32 ft 8 in
Displacement 284 tons full load
Draught Bow: 3 ft 4 in; Aft: 4 ft 0 in
Load 150 tons (landing)
Engines 3 Gray Marine diesels, 225 hp each
Speed: 7 knots Range: 700
Crew: 12 Troop berths: 8
Armament Two 20mm AA or four .50 cal.
Number built 965 (US)

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