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LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large)
[re-classified LSI Landing Ship Infantry]
- circa 1944 -


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Model comes on wood base with solid brass pedestals

LCI(L) (Landing Craft Infantry, Large) specifications


158 ft 6 in
Beam 23 ft  3 in
Draft, landing 2 ft  8 in forward, 4 ft 10 in aft
Displacement 234  tons beaching, 389 tons full load
Cargo capacity 75 tons cargo or 188 troops
Power Plant Two sets of 4 GM diesels, 4 per shaft, 1600 hp, twin variable pitch propellers
Rudders Two
Speed 15. 5 knots flank speed
Range 4,000 miles at 12 kts, loaded;
500 miles at 15 kts (110 tons of  fuel)
Complement 3 officers,  21 enlisted men
Armament 4 single 20mm guns,
two .50cal machine guns
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LCIs - designed to deliver soldiers and marines quickly during an amphibious assault - proved their worth during invasions in North Africa, Italy, D-Day and the Pacific. Nicknamed the "Water bug Navy", the ships and men who served on them did the dirty work of bringing invasion troops right up to the fighting and providing close-in fire support with machine guns and rockets. In doing so, they suffered enormous casualties.

The LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry (Large) vessels had a ramp on each side of the bow that was lowered to permit infantrymen to debark after the ship beached. Faster and more maneuverable than the LSTs, they were uncomfortable at sea with 188 soldiers aboard, and a crew of only 24 men.

A total of 923 Landing Craft, Infantry (Large), or LCI(L)s, were built by 10 shipyards in the USA from 1942 to 1944. There were a number of different configurations for LCIs. Some of the configurations included; LCI(L) Large, LCI(R) Rocket, LCI(G) Gunboat, LCI(M) Mortar, and LC(FF) Flotilla Flagship. Some were manned by Coast Guard crews. All LCI's in the US inventory were reclassified Landing Ship Infantry LSI on February 28,1949.

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