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Enterprise Class Aircraft Carrier
Model featured: CVAN / CVN-65 USS Enterprise
circa 1983, after major refit


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Mahogany wood base, real brass pedestals and descriptive brass plate enhance this elegant historical model.


JBDs built in up position is possible.

Signal flags added as per client request.

Aircraft and deck vehicles are included - correct for your circa.

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CVN-65 USS Enterprise
* custom built aircraft carrier model *
Replicated as to your stated circa with hanger doors and elevators as you specify.
We'll contact you for details after you order.

Scale 1:430 /31"
Price: $1995

1/3 deposit $665

Scale 1:350 /38"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

Scale 1:280 /48"
Price: $3600

1/3 deposit $1200

Price includes free delivery,
personalized brass plate, 40 aircraft and 12 deck vehicles, and flagging as you wish.

Other size models, different bases, aircraft with squadron paint/CAGs, plus specialties like raised blast shields are all possible.
Please email us for free quote.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including appropriate air wing, flagging and personalized brass plate.

Built from a Forestall Class design modified to create the Kittyhawk Class, the USS Enterprise - commissioned November 25, 1961 - carried the succession further by adding nuclear propulsion. By eliminating the need for oil storage she can carry twice the aviation fuel of her largest predecessors.

There are two reactors for each of the ship’s four shafts. The first of the 8 nuclear reactors installed achieved initial criticality in December 1960 and the ship was commissioned a year later.

Starting her maiden voyage in early 1962, the ship joined the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. After 3 years of operation and traveling more than 207,000 miles, Enterprise was refueled from late 1964 to mid-1965. Her 2nd set of cores lasted for 300,000 more miles. Refueled again in 1970, the 3rd set lasted 8 years until replaced in a 1979 to 1982 overhaul. She completed a 4th re-fueling in the mid-1990s.

USS Enterprise was the world’s 2nd nuclear-powered warship, the cruiser USS Long Beach being completed a few months earlier. The world's 1st nuclear-powered task force was formed when Long Beach and USS Bainbridge joined the Enterprise in 1964  during the aircraft carrier's  third deployment to the Mediterranean. The three ships were designated Task Force One and sent on "Operation Sea Orbit," a historic 30,565 mile voyage around the world - accomplished without a single refueling or replenishment.

USS Enterprise - or "Big E" as she was nicknamed - was the first nuclear ship to enter combat when her aircraft struck targets in Vietnam, and she assisted in the evacuation of Saigon at the end of that conflict.

The first overhaul for Enterprise occurred in 1964 (along with 1st refueling). Her next overhaul was in 1970 (along with 2nd refueling). In 1973 the ship was altered and refitted to support the Navy's newest fighter aircraft, the F-14A Tomcat, and - in 1975 after being refitted - she was redesignated from CVAN-65 (for nuclear-powered attack aircraft carrier) to CVN-65 in order to more accurately reflect the ship's new multi-mission capabilities.

The years 1979 to 1982 were spent at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard receiving a reconstructed island and numerous improvements (along with 3rd refueling). When first completed the island of the Enterprise had a very uniquely shaped structure consisting of a dome-shaped top resting on a box supporting futuristic electronic-scan SPS-32 and 33 radars plus many ECM antennas which were located on all four sides and in the top dome of the ship. These were all removed during retrofit, and the island was completely altered. Installed was an SPS-48 3/D radar (forward) and an SPS-49 long-range air search (aft), as well as an SPN-41 radar aft on the starboard side of her flight deck. At the same time three 8-cell NATO Sea Sparrow Mk-29 launchers replaced the BPDMS installed in 1967, and the ship was also fitted with three Phalanx CIWS.

In 1990 Enterprise moved to Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company for her 4th refueling and the Navy's largest complex overhaul ever attempted - being updated for service through 2015. Enterprise completed the complete reconstruction in September of 1994.

In January 1995 Enterprise returned to Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company for a five month Selected Restricted Availability. The yard period involved upgrades to all of the combat and communications systems, intelligence suites, command and control capabilities, ventilation systems, berthing and dining areas, and underway replenishment equipment.

In January 1997, Enterprise returned yet again to Newport for another six months while work  focused on habitability upgrades and various combat systems. Then in 1999 the ship began another extended overhaul that continued through to mid 2000.

In January 2002 Enterprise entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for a 16 month long EDSRA (Extended Drydock Selected Restricted Availability) which ended May 2003. From September 2004 to October 2005 the ship was on ESRA (Extended Selected Restricted Availability). Another EDSRA (this time 2 years long) occurred from April 2008 to April 2010.

CVN-78, the first ship in the Navy's next generation of ultra-modern Supercarriers, began construction in 2005 and is planned to replace Enterprise, which will deactivate in 2013 - at which time the "Big E" will be 52 years old.

Enterprise Class specifications


As built 1,101 feet, later 1,123'
Deck width 252 feet  (beam 132.8')
Displacement 75,700 tons, 93,500 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 8 nuclear reactors driving geared turbines
SHP 280,000
Screws Four
Rudders Four
Speed 35+ knots
Complement Crew: Ship 3,200; Air Wing 2,480
Armament 1967 BPDMS installed.
1982 fitted with three 8-cell NATO Sea Sparrow Mk-29 launchers and three Phalanx CIWS.
Aircraft ~ 85 aircraft and helicopters

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