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Email from Terry McGinn - former Surface Warfare Officer on BB-61
regarding the delivery of his 61" long model of BB-61



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From: Terry McGinn []
Sent: Friday, 23 December, 2011 9:58 PM
Cc: McGinn, Margarita
Subject: USS Iowa model, circa 1989


I wanted to let you and your crew know that you guys did an awesome job with the detail on the battleship Iowa that my wife Margarita had made for me.  The ship looks like a museum piece.  I especially loved the many details you incorporated that made the ship look in the configuration of the last deployment I made on her in 1989.

One detail in particular that grabbed me was the way the bridge and the bridge windows were made.  I expected the bridge to be solid with windows painted on.  Rather, the window frames were there and I can see the bridge area behind them.  Of note, we had to roll the windows down on both the 0-4 level (navigation bridge) and 0-3 level (Flag bridge), each time we fired the 16' guns. This is what it looks like.  Outstanding job.  I love the lifelines around the ship and the individual wood planking, which was definitely accurate.

Again, awesome job!  Please pass that on to the folks in the factory.

Terry McGinn

former Surface Warfare Officer on board the U.S.S Iowa BB-61 1986-1990

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