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Email from Howard Sam Samuelson
comparing his 28" long model of LHA-2 Saipan to the real ship LHA-1 Tarawa



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From: H. Sam Samuelson []
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:16 AM

Perhaps I will send a more detailed e-mail later, but you may not be aware that the Saipan was redirected by mistake to Osaka, Japan.  Pretty funny. Well, UPS decided to correct the misdirection and the ship arrived today, Monday, President's Day!  Right here.


Please send my heartfelt congratulations and thanks to the artists and craftsmen who fashioned this extraordinary piece of work. It is absolutely exquisite. What a tremendous piece of craftsmanship!!

I want to tell you I had to go to work today: USS TARAWA (LHA-1) arrived after a six month deployment.

Watching her birth pierside I thought, great, seeing an LHA as it arrives is going to lessen the "glow" when the model arrives, since seeing the real thing will make the model pale in comparison. 

Way wrong. Supremely wrong!  Your scale model is so faithful in structural detail it is breathtaking.

Please share this with the fine artisans in your shop. They are to be commended and I very much hope you'll share a round with them for their extremely fine and beautiful, absolutely extraordinary skilled work.

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