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Email from Ray Longaker Jr.
regarding the delivery of his 22" long model of LCM-6 "Irma la Douche"



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From: Ray F. Longaker Jr. []
Sent: Sunday, 28 May, 2006 5:53 AM
Subject: Re: LCM-6 Shipping

Mr. Miles,

Talk about good timing.

I was underway late last night and very early this morning.

I pulled up in my driveway just as the UPS driver was stepping out of his van.

He brought a wooden crate over to me and of course I knew immediately what it was and very anxious to see what was inside.

Well, "Irma" is finally resting where she belongs.

What a work of art!

As they say photographs a worth a thousand words, but as you stated photographs don't show the real colors.

What an awesome display model.

Please relay to your craftsmen and artists that they should never get discouraged and beat themselves up over a project.  I know that this was a long difficult one for them, however all the extra time and energy has produced a wonderful work of art.

Thank you very much for all your time, concern and patience.

More later, I'm off to work now.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,



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