Quality custom built wood model military ships, submarines, 
yachts, sailboats, tall ships, sailboats and passenger liners.
~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wooden model ships ~


We have supplied models to:

Bermuda Maritime Museum; British Consulate in Havana Cuba; Fairbanks Morse Engines; Northrop Grumann Ship Systems;
John Pike - founder & director of GlobalSecurity.org; Ratheon Integrated Defense Systems; and many other ex-military and civilian clients.

Read the comments of some of our many satisfied customers:


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Customer   Model Extract & link to original email
Warren A. Iwasyk   38" CVA-19 Hancock "a thing of beauty"
Andrew Baltsis   53" CVN-68 Nimitz "blown away"
Kurt Partridge   24" DD-557Johnston “unbelievable.” 
Alexandre Denys   19" M909 Bovesse "gift for my father; he is very happy"
Terry McGinn, USN   38" BB-61Iowa "awesome job"
Randall M.   22" Edmund Fitzgerald "arrived in perfect condition"
Jane Brown   48" J-Class yacht Endeavour "exactly what we wanted"
Russell Cunningham   27" Typhoon submarine "Fantastic workmanship"
Mark Heather (1)   73" CVS-15 Randolph "an outstanding job"
Dave Clark (1)   Vittorio Veneto & IJN Chokai "The models are superb, as usual!"
Joseph Ambrose   14" LCVP with Jeep "awesome"
Hans Van Eis   47" CVN-76 Ronald Reagan "The ship is beautiful"
Paul Becka   24" PT-366 "a treasure for our family"
Mark Heather (2)   83" CV-59 and 66" LHA-4 "absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Wayne Baimbridge   36" FFG-30 Reid x2 "remarkable job"
Dave Clark (2)   21" KMS Admiral Scheer "I am very pleased... Nice Work!"
Dave Clark (3)   26" CA-29 Chicago "a beautiful piece of craftsmanship"
Sam Samuelson   28" LHA-2 Saipan "tremendous piece of craftsmanship!!"
Ray Longaker Jr.   22" LCM-6 'Irma la Douche' "What a work of art!'
Tom Abatte   18" LCAC w/M1 Abrams "absolutely terrific--very detailed!!!"
Ed Arlt   48" Typhoon submarine "marvelous piece of craftsmanship!"
Robin L Hopkins     37" CV-64Constellation "struck speechless"
Ashleigh McIntosh   21" U-505 submarine "I like it!'

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